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Life in BalanceApart from an early interest in the Art and Culture of Asia (and the Cuisine…), nothing had prepared me for the life that today fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude.

My professional background was in languages but most of all, in Design (Graphic, Fashion, Furniture, Interior) and painting.

When, in 1980, my husband and I went on a year long back packing trip through Asia little did we know that our ‘time out’ would last longer than we anticipated. By now, we have been living more than 37 years in SE Asia; those very challenging first years in a foreign – albeit fascinating – part of the world had a truly profound effect on our life, moulding me to a great extent into the person I am today.

It was seven years later that I got interested in Acupressure in order to help an asthmatic family member – with amazing results. This was followed by many years of professional studies of AcupuncturePersonality ProfilingReikiEFTBACH Flowers, JinShinJyutsu, etc. It was a definite career change – which deeply influenced our family life as well.

Throughout these years, the theory of the Five Elements has influenced me the most. The wisdom within this philosophy enables me to discover ever new layers within a person – be it physical or emotional, be it in a child or an adult, whether it concerns health or behavior. Most important, it allows me to view every person with respect – neither good nor bad – and to know that we are all perfect – at any given time.

My work with my clients and patients is based on a gentle guidance through the demands of life incorporating Counselling as well as the Healing Modality that is most suitable for the respective person, the issue in question, at that particular time; it is important to me that one is always aware of his/her self responsibility. Naturally, I consult and cooperate with representatives of Conventional Medicine whenever this is required or desired and give advice on nutritional issues as well.

A great deal of my time and effort is spent in constant further education of all Alternative Medicine Modalities. I live and work in Singapore.

Ina C. Niemann


Traditional Chinese Medicine – Dipl. Ac.
JinShinJyutsu – Practitioner graduated

BACH Flowers – Practitioner certified
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – ADV certified

Reiki – Master and Teacher (Usui) graduated
Karuna Reiki – Master and Teacher graduated

Feng Shui- graduated under GrandMaster Raymond Lo
Personality Profiling- graduated under GrandMaster Raymond Lo
I Ching – graduated under GrandMaster Raymond Lo


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