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Bach Flowers

Life in Balance

Like a pendulum that always finds its centre we should also bounce back into balance after having dealt with life’s challenges. However, often it seems that our inner pendulum swings even more extreme than before instead of calming down.

Children especially are often exposed to influences and circumstances beyond their control and react with loss of concentration, fatigue or even aggression and hostility.

Dr. Edward Bach’s therapy with Flower Essences is not only gentle but – with the correct diagnosis and regular intake – proves to be highly effective for children and adults alike. In contrast to e.g. mood enhancers which interfere chemically in our Energy System in order to ‘repair’, BACH Flowers aim at a gentle change on a subtle Energy level. As soon as we regain our internal balance our immune system is strengthened thus preventing emotions from manifesting themselves as pain or diseases.

As we are often not able to see clearly when in emotional distress, it is the perfect remedy to rebalance a client’s emotional system first before moving on to coaching strategies (see Life Coaching) or to treating physical symptoms.

 Request details about BACH Flowers Remedy here.  BACH Flowers are just as effective as a support to other treatments, whether conventional or alternative. As there are NO side effects at all they are especially effective for children.

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Bach Flowers

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