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(Ref: 2019/2-TCM1-E)

The Language of Your Body (previously TCM1)

Are you new and feel unsure how to deal in the tropics with cough, asthma, stomach issues etc.?

Would you like to take care of your family in a preventive and pro-active way?

Perhaps you have supported your family and yourself already with complementary medicine and are interested in widening your ‘tool box’?

The following course will greatly enhance your physical and emotional health:

The Language of Your Body – a Holistic View

The Fundamentals of TCM and related modalities

Within four weeks (two mornings per week), you are taught to recognise the signs and signals of your body.

Based predominately on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but drawing on Jin Shin Jyutsu as well as Kinesiology, this course will open your eyes to the often surprising connection between body and mind.

By activating several Energy points as well as developing awareness of nutrition and lifestyle, pain, fatigue, and emotionally unbalanced feelings will soon be a thing of the past, as you learn to be more in control of your body.

Course content: Yin and Yang; Theory of the Five Elements; Chi in its different manifestations; organ functions and their effect on the physical and psychological level; holistic view on nutrition, moxibustion, as well as practising ca. 30 Energy points…

Start: the week starting with 11th of Feb, 2019

Days: either Mon/Wed; Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri or…

Time: from 9 am until 11:30/12 pm

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Course Registration with preferred combination of days until 7th of February 2019 to or through my Website register here

Course Programs TCM English

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