Earth the Negotiator

Earth – The Negotiator

Earth ElementEarth is our foundation; we walk on it, sleep on it, work on it. Our planet is completely covered by Earth and for millions of years ‘Mother Earth’ has been providing us with food and shelter. There is no upside or downside, no left or right – the Earth is our centre on which everything takes place.

This balancing and nourishing function is typical for a person whose birth chart (see Personality Profiling) shows a preponderance of the Earth Element. He/she wants to avoid extremes and conflict at all cost and strives for harmony and peaceful relationships.

While the ‘Judge’ (Metal) is seeking perfect form and function, the ‘Philosopher’ (Water) explores the mysteries of life, the ‘Adventurer’ (Wood) is looking for challenges and the ‘Magician’ (Fire) strives to discover his/her true nature – the Earth person is providing a meal! ‘Let us first eat’ is a common expression when things get a bit stormy – well knowing that nothing appeases blown up emotions more than food. He/she takes care of everything and everybody, provides comfort, listens to complaints and always negotiates patiently – there has to be peace.

Because of the sympathetic nature, this person gets emotionally easily out of balance, taking on other people’s problems and being eaten up by worries. There is no boundary to Earth as it covers everything; this is manifested in the Earth person as well as having difficulties to draw a boundary between giving and receiving, my trouble or your trouble.

Family and Tradition

As a child, this personality type needs a loving family and a daily routine – reading a bed time story every evening, playing the same game every Sunday, having the same dish over and over again. Family traditions, a love for animals and collecting things from the past – all this provides the security that he/she needs.

Professionally, this person usually thrives in a company neither too big nor too small. Everybody should know everybody and here should always be time for a friendly chat. Job security is important as he/she is a loyal employee and does not like too much change. This is the person who loves to be of service, organising birthday presents and pleasing everybody.

As the Stomach is the Element associated with Earth, this person should watch his/her nutrition as he/she might gain weight easily.

‘Worries go to the Stomach’ is a popular saying, as worry and sympathy are the emotions affecting the Stomach. Lack of concentration and brooding over minor issues are the mental symptoms of an over burdened Earth Element.

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Earth – The Negotiator

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