EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

How often do we make resolutions – we want to lose weight, gain weight, stop smoking, be more patient and more assertive, we want to fly without fear, go to the gym more regularly, live without stress or pain, get rid of old memories and issues that block us from moving forward. But after a while, it’s back to where we started, falling into our old patterns thinking that we ‘just can’t do it’.

EFT is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and on the discovery that all negative emotions result from an interrupted Energy System. This interruption is eliminated by tapping on particular points on the Meridians, simultaneously verbalizing a disturbing issue or emotion followed by a positive statement. Consequently the emotional conflict is gently being released which gives us the possibility to leave the past behind and create our future from the Here and Now.

In spite of being easy to learn and to apply, EFT is not a ‘SimSalaBim technique’ but is supported by scientific evidence of subtle, yet profound changes within our energetic body (measurable e.g. via an EEG). As a consequence, associations, memories and limiting beliefs are being released or changed.

EFT is not only extremely versatile and suitable for adults and children alike – it is also a fantastic self help technique which effectively dissolves blockages that might have kept us stuck for many years already. As a result we are not only willing but also energetically able to create the changes in our life that we want.

EFT Consultations can also be done Smart Phone, WhatsApp or SKYPE.

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Please watch this introductory video by EFT founder Gary Craig below…

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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

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