Facelift by Acupressure

Facelift by Acupressure

Nurture by NatureIn TCM it is believed that every living being is animated by a certain Life Force – called the Chi. In order to nourish our organs and tissues and keep them well functioning it should flow smoothly, uninterrupted and without any blockages. If Chi is disturbed in any way, we might notice it within our emotions or in our physical well being, we might feel unfit, tired, have headaches or feel dizzy.

Our Life Force runs through a complex network of channels (Meridians) that link with each other building an endless circuit of Energy – at the same time connecting the exterior with the interior, the organs with the tissues and so on.

For the purpose of correcting the flow of the Chi, we are able to access the Energy via specific points along the Meridians. Whether we use needles (Acupuncture) or finger pressure (Acupressure) or heat (Moxibustion) – any kind of impact on one or several Acupuncture points will cause subtle changes within the Energy system with consequent physical or psychological effects.

Almost all Meridians begin or end in the face and – as all starting and ending points are considered to have an especially strong effect on the Energy system – it is logical that manipulation of these points will not only affect the face itself but the whole body as well.

Furthermore, particular points regulate the endocrine system performing homoeostasis in the body and reinforce the forming of new cells by increased hormone production. Consequently, blood and Energy circulation within the face are improved, lines will soften and the face returns to a healthy glow.

At the same time, all respective Meridians will be stimulated by massaging the respective points in the face. As soon as the internal Energy is flowing undisturbed, the body’s systems operate harmoniously with one another – which results in improved health.

Well Being by Nature

The ‘Facelift by Acupressure’ is a simple and effective tool that can easily be integrated into a busy schedule. It is completely natural, can be done by anybody, at any time, independently and does not involve hospitals, pain, risks or big expenses. It only requires determination, discipline and a bit of time – the reward will be improved skin tone, diminished lines and wrinkles as well as a positive change in overall well being

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Facelift by Acupressure


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Facelift by Acupressure

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