Feng Shui Wind and Water

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Today’s life requires a great deal of mobility – finding the ideal job could often result into moving to a totally different country involving spouses and kids having to set up a new ‘home’ in an unfamiliar environment.

As a result there may be (living/working) conditions that are less than favourable; even after months one does not feel ‘at home’, is often tired, irritable or even sick – something seems to be out of balance.

A Feng Shui assessment of the House, Apartment or Office could give insight, explanation and help. Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui (the art of living in harmony with the environment) has nothing to do with breaking down walls – neither with the crystal in the window or the water feature at the entrance.

Flying Star’ Feng Shui is one of the oldest and most accurate forms of Feng Shui based primarily on the Theory of the Five Elements. It requires exact and extensive calculations using the ‘Lo Pan’ (Chinese Compass), followed by detailed discussions with the client involving personal requirements, possible complaints as well as expectations of everyone sharing the living space.

On this basis, suggestions will be made to enhance the Energy flow of the dwelling in order to ensure harmony and balance for everyone concerned.

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Feng Shui Water and Wind

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