Fire the Magician

   Fire – The Magician

Fire ElementDifferent to the other four Elements, Fire is the only one that cannot be touched; it is elusive and highly unpredictable. It is also the connection from the worldly to the divine – getting its nourishment from the ground while reaching up into the endless sky.

This striving for perfection while still being ‘down to earth’ is one of the main characteristics of the person whose birth chart (see Personality Profiling) is dominated by Fire. He/she is constantly looking for the perfect job, the perfect partner and the perfect ‘solution’.

Expectations are high on all levels, short relationships or mediocre unsatisfying jobs are not favored. This person dislikes routine. Excitement and surprises should be on a daily basis – if it doesn’t happen by itself, the Fire person will create it.

Like a magician, he/she will pull out something – anything – as long as it breaks the routine and brightens the boredom of a too predictable life. Because of this openness to anything new, this personality type is of a motivating, inspiring character, charming and curious. He/she is able to meld people together, no matter how different they are, without conflict.Happy For No Reason

If unbalanced this person can become rather domineering, prone to emotional outbursts, drama and impatience. Constant restlessness can be challenging – not for the ‘Magician’ but for the people living with him/her.

The child needs a lot of attention, confirmation and social contacts. He/she has endless energy and will thrive on constant change of activities – always in happy anticipation for the next one.

Professionally, this type of person is often the ‘Heart’ of a company. He/she thrives on contact with other people and is eager to understand them all. Being particularly non-judgmental, the Fire person is suitable to work with people of different nationalities and cultural background which will provide as well the excitement and surprises he/she is craving.

Not surprisingly, the Heart is the main organ associated with this Element; blood pressure, nervous system and veins should be monitored.

Emotionally, it is the joy of life, the ‘Happy for no Reason’ that keeps these people going. In the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, joy can quickly turn into over excitement or even hysteria which can damage the Heart.

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Fire – The Magician

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