Metal the Judge

Metal – The Judge

Metal Element

Metal is best characterised by ‘structure’, order, logic and clarity; its ability to cut and separate is associated with discipline and justice – good and bad, yes and no, black and white, there are no grey or shady areas.

Muddy, vague thinking or chaos is neither appreciated nor understood; filing of information, learning something new, even people have to fit a certain structure or category as this person does not like surprises. This systematic way of thinking gives him/her the sense of security and being in charge and makes him/her a reliable friend.

A preponderance of Metal within the birth chart (see Personality Profiling) might describe a person who is honest, fair, analysing and thinks in a structured, streamlined and very rational way.

Respect – giving as well as receiving is of high value.

If out of balance, this person might become judgmental and bragging, a perfectionist, calculating and attempts to constantly ‘teach’ other people

As a child he/she likes strategic games, needs structure and discipline, wants ‘logical’ answers and does not shy away from open conflict in the search for logic clarification; he/she thrives in a planned daily schedule and might have difficulties with spontaneity.

Rules are usually accepted – as long they are fair and have been explained before.

Within the job, he/she prefers to work with as few people as possible to keep mistakes and ‘surprises’ at a minimum. Working with a material instead of ideas would fulfil this character most as creativity might scare him/her. Very often, Metal people are working in the respective environment, Discipline and Justice like cars, construction, technical engineering – where clear, structured thinking is required.

He/she is not particularly competitive, but follows his/her own high standard instead.

Health wise, it is the Lung (respiration) and Large Intestine (digestion) that embody the Metal Energy – dividing inhaling from exhaling and separating useful substances from the useless ones to be eliminated.

Emotionally, being more of a reserved character, it is grief and sadness about somebody or something lost or about missed opportunities in life that often finds its expression in a sensitive respiratory tract or in the inability of letting go (digestion).

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 Metal – The Judge

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