Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling             Who Am I?

Personality Profiling Who Am I

Are you in an unhappy job situation and toying with the idea to change into another field – or are you contemplating setting up your own business?

Have you ever wondered what talents have been slumbering in you for all these years – that were never developed because of lacking confidence and trust to try something new?

Perhaps your children are at a crossing point in their life having to choose certain subjects or even their direction in their studies and you are unsure how to advise them?

Maybe you fall sick more often than usual or don’t feel as healthy as usual?

A Personality Profiling on the basis of your birth date might give you invaluable insights into your potential and opportunities throughout your life.

The Theory of the Five Elements relies on the understanding that the Universe is ruled by certain natural laws. By transferring the individual birth date into the Five Elements, it is possible to recognise and interpret strengths and weaknesses, character traits, career development, health, relationship issues and much more.

Of particular value is a Personality Profiling with respect to our children’s development; how often are we in doubt and assume laziness or lack of intelligence within the child when school results are below our expectations? But perhaps the particular child is just not academically inclined and would benefit much more from ‘learning by doing’ or has a strong creative side? Once we know about our children’s true potential, we are then able to guide them with respect towards their personal goals. This is especially important when it comes to choosing a career path, certain studies and a profession.

Similarly, a Personality Profiling can give us clues about behaviour issues – not only with respect to children or teenagers but for couples as well. Why did my partner ‘change’ and do we really have a common future? What is the reason for frequent misunderstandings?

This profiling has nothing to do with ‘Fortune Telling’ in the sense of predicting any fixed events in the future; it is a tool that enables us to acknowledge and utilise our potential and talents – while avoiding any pitfalls in order to help us live a ‘Life in Balance’ within ourselves.

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Personality Profiling

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