Reiki Universal Life Force


Reiki Life Force

Every now and then we might feel overwhelmed by our daily life with its challenges – kids, school, running the household for everyone, in an unfamiliar environment, without any support from friends and family…there is nothing in particular but something seems to be lacking – the Energy is low and all we want is ‘peace and quiet’, a place to recharge and a bit of ‘personal attention’.

Literally translated, Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force’ – similar to the Chinese Chi; it is the force that gives us life. By gently laying his/her hands on the (dressed) body of any living being the Reiki Practitioner enables the client to recharge and balance by drawing Energy through the practitioner’s hands from the Cosmos.

Consequently, the client is able to achieve equilibrium on all levels – be it physical, emotional or mental. Since our body is perfectly capable of healing itself – once our Energies are balanced.

This provides the best foundation to heal pain or injuries, transform emotional issues and to ensure an overall state of well being which often was not considered possible before.

Different to most other Healing Modalities, no diagnosis is required for the treatment to be effective as the client will always recharge according to his/her need. Reiki is not related to any religion or belief system; instead it is an universal philosophy based on Respect, Tolerance, Gratitude and Love.

Please request details about Reiki here. Within the first consultation, all aspects of ‘un-wellness’ will be addressed. Like most Asian healing modalities, Reiki works to harmonise, not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

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