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…about Consultations

….two days ago, we landed happily in xxxx – after days of nervous preparation (tapping all the time) and a pleasant flight  with a few turbulences which hardly bothered me at all! I am thrilled that I managed so well – and especially proud of our kids who were so cooperative – no quarrelling or bickering! Now we enjoy the beautiful weather with friends and family – life couldn’t be better…!
Fear of flying, general anxieties before travelling with familyEFT

…it’s been a few months since our discussion and things have been developing exactly the way we wanted. I got a new exciting job and we are able to stay in xxxx. Thank you so much for your support and the great insights into my character and abilities which allowed me to choose the right path for all of us!
Getting out of job, doubts about professional futurePersonality Analysis

…just wanted to let you know that my year long back ache is almost gone completely. I have seen so many other specialists but this really has been a break through! Severe back acheAcupuncture-Acupressure

…finally, we have our son back. He is now his usual self – active and curious but no more aggressive; I can’t tell you how much that changed our whole family; after all this stress we can now breathe again…!
Sudden change in son’s behavior, aggressive within the familyBACH  Flowers

…I am so happy that I have to write to you immediately! Last week, I felt another arthritis attack  coming– right foot inflamed from the middle toe up to the ankle; not a severe pain but getting rather sore under pressure, skin was already red and I anticipated worse….thanks to Acupressure and EFT, I was able to contain the pain which soon was reduced to a mild soreness….I am very happy that I was able to prevent a serious attack which usually is extremely painful.
Chronic arthritis, for several years under medicationEFT, Acupuncture-Acupressure

…just wanted to let you know that our daughter has been taking the drops for the last two weeks and she feels so much better – it’s almost unbelievable! Her sadness is almost gone, she now joins other children in games and is much more alive during lessons…even the teacher commented on how much she has changed… School issues, social isolationBACH Flowers

…to be honest, I did not think much of Jin Shin Jyutsu as I had never heard of it. However, I have to say that after a few sessions I feel so much calmer, more balanced, less tense…and my previously constant headache now only bothers me rarely. I really have the feeling that I am now much more in charge of my life as I have learned to be much more in tune with my body…
Overall tense, aches and pains, dissatisfiedJin Shin Jyutsu

…I used to have an unexplainable severe phobia of being anaesthetized. When faced  with a toe operation that could no longer be delayed, I decided to try EFT to overcome my panic. On a scale from 0 to 10 (10 being the worst feeling), I was on a 9; after several rounds my panic dropped to a 1 to 2 and I became very calm and confident. That was on a Friday before the operation on Monday. During the weekend I remained surprisingly calm when thinking of the coming operation. On the day itself, a few rounds of tapping took care of a slight anxiety; I am so happy to say that I experienced no panic before the anesthesia and only wish that I had known about this easy technique two years ago when I had to suffer so much during another operation that required anesthesia!
Phobia of anesthesiaEFT

…about Courses and Workshops

…what I liked most in the course were the many examples and stories, you told us with respect to EFT. The whole course was very clear and well structured; I still feel it could be longer as there are so many new ideas to digest. Fortunately, the detailed manual will help a lot to recap the whole course. EFT

…my whole family benefitted from this course. The children come running as soon as they feel a bit feverish or develop a cough…after I treated successfully my very skeptical husband’s back ache he is now opening up to alternative treatments…that’s already worth the course… TCM

…I arrived safely in xxxx and I want to thank you, first of all, for the course on the ‘Law of Attraction’. It really works – all the time! After having eliminated so many blockages and limitations, I finally feel that I can create the future we have in mind – I found already a home for my kids and myself and are very eager to start our new life in.…. EFT and the Law of Attraction

….what I like most in all your courses is the atmosphere of trust – almost like a family. Because of the small groups, we all get to do ‘hands on’ acupressure on ourselves and each other instead of just listening to a lecture. Your manual with all the detailed description is always in my suitcase…wherever I go! TCM

…I feel much more confident now and don’t panic when our little one is running a fever and I don’t know which doctor to go as I am very new in xxxx. Now, at least, I can do something instead of looking helpless on …this was the best course I have ever taken! TCM

…my son is choosing his final subjects now; I was so happy that I could advise him a bit (even though I don’t feel confident yet) on what potential he has; this is an amazing tool! Personality Analysis

…I tried the tapping with my daughter who just started kindergarten and still has some difficulties getting used to the different system and the new environment. She now asks me every evening to tap… it obviously relaxes her a lot and helps her to adjust much more quickly. EFT

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