Water the Philosopher

Water – The Philosopher

Water Element

Water is best characterised by its ability to take on different forms – under heat, it becomes steam, under extreme cold, it turns to ice. It can rush down from a high mountain or in giant waves to the beach. As a lake, it always levels itself to a smooth surface.

All these characteristics, we find in a person whose birth chart (see Personality Profiling) is dominated by Water – being particularly flexible this person will adjust to situations quickly and is able to move through the passages of life with ease. He/she does not like pressure and usually solves problems alone preferring to stay in the background.

Having an interest in the mysterious depth of life, the Water person is constantly looking for answers to the ‘eternal questions’ and is often particularly interested in spiritual topics.

If out of balance, a tendency to withdraw from others might result in voluntary isolation, becoming excessively introverted and loosing drive – literally drowning in one’s own imaginative thoughts.

The child displays a never ending curiosity and is often under challenged academically. Resenting bragging and ‘bribery’ he/she preserves consequence and integrity which can result in loneliness. However, being of an imaginative and independent mind this rarely poses a problem.

Professionally, he/she resents hierarchy and routine and is rarely suitable for work in a big company. Autonomy, an individual work space away from the Life In Balancecrowd and the freedom to create his/her own agenda are particularly important.

As the Kidneys are considered the guardians of our basic constitution (Jing), they should be protected as they belong to the Water Element and are responsible for our immune system. Warmth on all levels – physically and emotionally – would be crucial for this type of person as too much Water attacks Fire which is associated with the joy of life.

The main emotion is (existential) fear – evident in the expression ‘paralysed with fear’ – which attacks the bladder and the lower back resulting in back pain. Furthermore, the strong need for privacy can easily change into a fear of being left alone and a tendency to becoming depressed.

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Water The Philosopher

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