Wood the Adventurer

Wood – The Adventurer

Wood Element

Nature is the representative for the Wood Element; its main activity is limitless expansion. The corresponding season is spring when trees and flowers burst into life manifesting growth, movement and change.

The person dominated by Wood (see Personality Profiling) displays exactly the same characteristics – movement, activity, spontaneity and creativity. Routine or anything structured or predictable would literally suffocate him/her and cause a great deal of frustration. Friends are crucial – as long as they are adventurous as well; activity and especially physical challenges are more important than spending quiet time within the family. Just like the branches of a tree stretching up and outward the Wood person has to reach out for the limits – and goes often beyond.

When out of balance, activity might turn into rebellion, even aggression and arrogance towards others.

As a child, movement and adventure are important; instead of a board game, skate boarding and playing in the mud are favoured – this child wants to discover and conquer.Movement and Adventure Professionally, this person needs to be challenged by constantly changing projects and the possibility of travelling and expanding; a 9 to 5 job or work at a desk are not advised. He/she does not like too many colleagues – as competition is a constant issue, one or two are enough for exchanging ideas.

Since movement is the predominant activity of the Wood person, joints and tendons are especially sensitive. Furthermore, the Liver being responsible for detoxification, might be the most vulnerable organ as this is the type of person who suffers most from bottled up emotion. Since the eyes are the only movable sense organ they are associated with the Wood Element as well.

This is especially evident in certain expressions like ‘blind with rage’ as anger- being a very active emotion – is the predominant emotion associated with this Element. On the opposite side, it is frustration being expressed in excessive controlling of people and an inflexible attitude towards life.

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Wood – The Adventurer

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